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  • NEW for 2015 - The C20 - ALL IN - No need to leave anything at home - it will fit into this bag
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  • Custom rain and dust cover.
  • Patented club dividers gently but securely hold club head, elevate club shaft, eliminate bag rattle and damage from colliding clubs. Best of all your clubs are organized. Never lose a club again!
  • The integrated dividers provide large non-abrasive storage of your driver, fairway clubs, and hybrids.
  • Engineered for quality and durability in mind.
  • Safe for graphite shafts.
  • Large cooler pocket with drain.
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Product Description

NEW for 2015 - The C20 - ALL IN - No need to leave anything at home - it will fit into this bag 

  • Integrated Caddyrack Pro technology for ultimate graphite protection.
  • Full length strong main dividing partition internally stitched to both sides of bag.
  • Irons in front of woods.
  • Generous room for at least four woods, ball scoop, etc.
  • Integrated putter tube.
  • Integrated umbrella holster or oversized putter tube for large grips.
  • Protective irons transit cover.
  • Two quick release tie-down straps to prevent bag rotating on the cart.
  • Modern functional design with all pockets accessible from front.
  • Two-sided rain hood equally accessible for cart or buggy.
  • Large front drained cooler pocket.
  • Rear carry strap with own pocket tidy.
  • Handles front rear and bottom.
  • Additional External umbrella holster (rear of Bag).
  • Quality lightweight nylon fabrics.
  • High Quality Highlights.
  • 8 zipped pockets. 
  • Magnetic Cooler Pocket.
  • Removable front pocket cover for embroidery (personalise your bag).

Product Videos

Kahma Golf - CaddyRack Pro.mov (02:21)
Kahma Golf Bag with the Caddyrack Pro organiser
  • Kahma Golf - C...
    Kahma Golf Bag with the Caddyrack Pro organiser

Product Reviews

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  1. Make organizing your golf bag a breeze 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2018

    I just got my Kahma golf bag this week. It is really a beautiful bag! The portions of the bag that are gold-colored are a solid, shiny plastic that I really like (as opposed to fabric, for instance). I actually carry 15 clubs for casual rounds, and the Kahma bag accommodates them without a problem. This is even with a self-imposed problem with my set. Namely, I have two wedges with an extremely large flange/bounce on them. They will not go in my rack without infringing on the other clubs. I also have two hybrids (a 4 and a 3). I do carry a 64* wedge which does fit. So, my rack is composed of a 64* wedge, Gap, PW, and 9-5 with one slot unused. This is not a problem, however, as the bag has spaces for these clubs. So, my driver, 3-wood, two hybrids, and two wedges, along with my putter (continue reading for why my putter goes there) occupy those spaces.
    My only two complaints with the bag are as follows: 1 (and the biggest problem) : When carrying the bag by the strap, such as when I go to the range to practice), the clubs fall out of their slots. When I took the bag out of the car trunk, all of my irons in the rack fell completely out of the bag. A nice addition to the bag would have some kind of strap readily available to prevent this from happening. A couple of my irons got nicked on the pavement when they fell out of the bag. Perhaps I will try the travel cover next time that I go to practice. My only other complaint is that the putter sleeve is way, way too short. The putter tube does not go all the way to the bottom of the bag, and the putter sticks almost a foot above the top of the putter sleeve. That has not been a problem for me, as I just put the putter in the area where my woods, hybrids and big wedges reside. I have a really neat heavy-duty pitch mark repair tool that is on the end of a shaft that I let occupy the putter sleeve. It would either go there or in the spot where the putter lives now.
    The pockets are large and handle all of my accessories such as sunscreen, bug spray, club face impact spray can (I use a spray can of an anti-fungal product), many training aid devices (mostly used for putting), tape and band aids, etc. and there is still plenty of room for a sweater or jacket or rain gear. The ball pocket will hold easily a dozen balls should you so choose. There are also adequate rings where you can hang your towels, groove cleaner, sunglasses, gloves, etc. The beverage spot will hold a large tumbler with ease.
    In short, I am thrilled with this bag. This is the second Kahma bag that I have had, and I look forward to having it for many years to come.

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